While ICP NewTech is a new company in the ROV industry, it has over 40 years combined experience, with the involvement of key Design & Manufacturing staff.

Kieran Nolan, who is the Director of Engineering, has over 20 years’ experience in the Counter Terrorism Industry. Kieran is known and respected worldwide for his involvement in the design of various ROV products and Threat Solutions, including both the Defender and Digital Vanguard ROV's. Kieran holds an honours degree in Electronics, Mechanical Design, Lean Six Sigma and has extensive experience in the Security Sector.

Eamon Jackson, who is the CEO of ICP NewTech, has over 10 years’ experience in ROV industry. Initially qualified as an Aeronautical Engineer, Eamon has enhanced his qualifications with an Honours Degree in Business (BBS) and Master’s Degree in Business (MBA). In addition he has also held a number of senior management positions in various multi-national companies.

Eamon Jackson
Kieran Nolan
Director of Engineering