Med Size UGV with Large UGV Capabilities

  • Entirely New Bomb Disposal and Tactical Robot
  • Provides Military & Police Response Teams with Enhanced Capabilities
  • Excellent Management of “Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices” (VBIED, or “Car Bombs) and CBRNe Threats
  • Mid-Size Robot with Large UGV Capabilities
  • Arm & Claw Provides 7 Degrees of Freedom
  • Superior Lifting Capabilities,
  • Enhance Dexterity Design, can easily reach into, under and over various sized Vehicles
  • Design for Operator Use, the ROV make it easy for operators, to Grasp a Target, or to Deploy X-Ray Systems, Disruptors, Sensors, and EOD Tools
  • World-Class Maneuvering Capabilities, Incorporating Totally New “Gearing and Track” subsystems
  • Moves Quickly and Confidently, Overcomes Various Terrains, including, Sand / Snow / Mud / Gravel / Shallow Water
  • Unique No Throw Track System Design, Maximizes Climbing Capabilities and Makes It Easy to Manage Various Rough Terrains, ejects debris
  • Excellent CBRNe Capabilities, includes “On Board Computer” that Can Receive Data from a Range of 3rd Party Sensors Simultaneously
  • This Small UGV with Large UGV Capabilities, can be Transported in Smaller Urban Response Vehicles and Eliminates the need for Dedicated Trailer
  • Provides Excellent Visibility Over the Target and Surrounding Area because of enhanced Turret Lighting, 3 Dedicated “High Definition” Cameras, including an Innovative “Stalk Camera”
  • Two-Way Audio System Provides Excellent Communication to Support “First Responders”

avenger ugv


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