The DV-S is highly versatile Robot for Hazardous Tasks, rugged, adaptable and two-person portable, the DV-S is one the most versatile multi-mission midsized ROVs on the market today.

The DV-S robot is robust and skilled at performing a critical range of law enforcement and military EOD/ IEDD, Tactical, HAZMAT, CBRNE or Hazardous functions effectively all in one robot platform.

Its modular construction and advanced electronic design makes maintenance and support in the field simple and inexpensive. This improves the life cycle of the machine, reducing training and upkeep time and making the Vanguard a true trusted team member.

The x500 Integrated Command Portal is the most recent upgrade to the DV-S. The x500 can be programmed to display information in most native languages. Learning to drive and operate the DV-S with the x500 takes just a few hours.

Digital Vanguard


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